Important 2021 Updates
Welcome to Meridian

Welcome to Meridian

Meridian Behavioral Health is a multidisciplinary behavioral health practice based in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. Our dedicated and compassionate providers have experience and training working with individual therapy, medication management, attention/mood/neuropsychology testing, LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy, couples counseling, family counseling, and more. With a team of psychiatric and therapeutic staff, we will work with you to achieve your mental health goals.

To book an appointment, call our Louisville  (502) 409-6993 or Lexington (859) 309-2655  offices. Don’t feel like calling? We get it, fill out our new client worksheet and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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Check out our patient resources page to learn how to make an initial appointment, and find out which insurances we take.

You can also read about our Louisville and Lexington providers to find the right fit for you.

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We currently offer three main services:

Our therapists have experience and training working with depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, LGBTQ+ affirming therapy, couples therapy, family counseling, and more. Our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners can prescribe medication to treat various mental illnesses. Testing is completed by our psychologists for attention and mood disorders, as well as neuropsychological testing.

Types of Behavioral & Mental Health Services You May Need:

Important 2021 Updates

Happy New Year!

We here at Meridian Behavioral Health know first hand how difficult 2020 was for many of us, and we deeply appreciate that you have entrusted us with your mental healthcare.  This year we have some big changes that will greatly improve our ability to provide high level care to you and your loved ones.   The first of these being that on January 25th,  we will be switching to a new medical records system.   With this change will come many new features that will make your care more streamlined and efficient.  The biggest change is we will now have a patient portal where all your communication needs can be met.  On your patient portal, you can request appointments, request refills for your medications, communicate with our staff, and pay your bill online.  A portal invite will come via email so please make sure your email on file with us is active.  For parents, you will need to use the birthday of whoever is the active client.  During this transition, we are moving our billing process as well.  There may be a small period of time where you receive bills from two sources.  If you’re confused about how and where to pay these statements, please call our staff for assistance.

Now that we are shifting all communication to the patient portal, this also means that our current text-messaging system will be ending.  As of 2/28/2021 you will no longer be able to text us at 502-409-6993.  After this date, all messages will need to be sent through the patient portal.  And as always, you are always welcome to call the main office 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday.   If you need psychiatric support outside of our normal office hours (or after your clinician has left for the day), please remember to call 911, go to your nearest emergency room or crisis stabilization center.

Lastly, we want to provide a quick update to MBH’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.   We are continuing to offer all of our services via telehealth.  As of the beginning of this year, health insurance plans are still covering telehealth.  Please note, that while much of 2020 saw your healthcare plans offering cost-sharing (paying copays or coinsurance) we do not anticipate this will continue for 2021. For the most up-to-date information on this, call the “member benefits” telephone number on the back of your insurance card.

Thank you again for choosing us to help support your mental health goals in 2021. We look forward to our continued work with you!

The Team at Meridian Behavioral Health