Where Can I Learn More About Meridian's Behavioral Health Services?
Our goal is to help individuals achieve wellness and a higher quality of life by providing quality care in a comfortable, respectful, and patient-centered environment. To learn more about our staff and locations, please visit our Behavioral Health Facility pages or just give us a call to talk more about our services.
Can Family Members Participate In The Treatment Process?
Mental illness not only affects patients but those who are close to them as well. We encourage family members to participate in the entire behavioral health treatment process, as well as seeking support services when needed. Where appropriate, we also support families in the process of helping to identify problems and solutions to relationship issues and welcome opportunities for attending group/family therapy sessions. We also offer services for caregivers and those who live or work in an environment affected by mental health issues.
Will My Insurance Plan Be Accepted? How Much Does Treatment Cost? Do You Have A Sliding Scale Fee? Do I Have To Pay For The Deductible Or Co-Pay Before I Receive Services?
Meridian Behavioral Health accepts most private insurance plans as well as most Medicare plans. Each plan is different and may include co-pays and/or deductibles which we can help you to understand and plan. We also accept self-pay patients. If you would like an estimate of what it might cost you for services, please call us and one of our administrative support staff can help.
Who Can Receive Mental Health Services? What Community Do You Serve? What Ages Do You Serve?
The cost of treatment is directly related to the amount and type of services that you will require as well as your current healthcare plan. Your Treatment Plan will be developed by you and your mental health provider following your assessment. We have programs and unique services for all members of our community, including; families, adolescents, men, women, transgender, non-binary, LGBTQA+, children, adoptees, elderly, prescription, substance abuse, talk therapy, group therapy, and all members of our community. In fact, Meridian is intentional about making sure there is the right professional for any specific problem or concern you might have.
Do You Offer Programs To Help With Client Fees And/Or Co-Payments?
We have several ways that we assist clients with the costs of their care. Please contact us directly to see what options we can work out for you.
Do I Need Insurance To Receive Services From The Starting Point?
Insurance is not required; Meridian Behavioral Health accepts cash and credit card payments. However, most insurance plans are accepted. Everyone is expected to pay a portion of their treatment with minimum amounts required for each service. If you have insurance, Meridian will assist you in billing your insurance company for the services requested. Most insurance companies have co-payments which are required to be paid at the time service is rendered.
Do You Have Age Requirements For Clients Requesting Services?
We can see and provide care for all ages. We see children as young as two years old and have no maximum age limit. We have therapists on staff who specialize in school-age children and preschool children under 5 years of age. We also offer mental health services for the elderly and who understand the needs of older adults in need of both regular mental health care as well as geriatric psychiatric services.
Do You Have Evening Appointments Available?
Evening appointments are available for both individual and group therapy sessions on request as available. Please contact us directly to inquire about this specific time and needs.
Can I Be Seen Sooner?
If we have a cancellation, we can call you to move your appointment up. Please request to be put on the cancellation list.
Can I Schedule A Doctor's Appointment On The First Visit?
Psychiatry is considered a specialty service. You may need to see a psychiatrist on the first visit with a direct referral from your primary care physician. You also may need to see a therapist first depending on your unique situation. You may also be able to receive a referral from another doctor/practitioner or from a therapist within our agency in order to schedule an appointment with our psychiatrist. We understand that insurance companies may have unique requirements and we are happy to help you navigate this process.
What Is The Appointment Process For Seeing The Doctor?
When you call to make your initial inquiry, you will be helped by one of our administrative staff. They will gather some basic information from you, ask very basic questions about what types of issues or concerns you're having and then match you to the provider that they think is most fit to help you on your first appointment. Once you make your first appointment we can email you a packet to be completed before your first appointment or you can come a little early for your first appointment. It's a simple as that.
Do You Offer Testing Of Any Kind At Your Agency?
We offer a variety of in-office testing. There are a variety of tests and screening tools we can use as well as a thorough psychological evaluation. None of these tests are invasive, painful or cause any harm. Some of the most common screening tools can include questions and conversation to determine if therapy, medication or behavioral health care would be helpful or appropriate for an individual. If you've been told that you need to have an evaluation, assessment, or testing performed by a clinical psychologist, we can help complete these for you.
Can We Bring Our Children To Appointments?
You may bring your children, however, they cannot be left unattended anywhere in the building. Children must be with you at all times. Please discuss this with your therapist, as having children with you may have an impact on the therapy process.
What Should I Know Before Starting A New Medication?
Always be sure to ask questions when you have concerns and never forget to let your care providers including your primary care provider know what medications you are on or when dosages change. Many medications come with additional information and warnings which should be read and understood when you begin the medication.
How Can I Get Help Paying For My Medication?
Most medications have financing options or coupons from providers like goodRX. There are also many generic options which may be effective.
What Is It Like To Work On Mental Health Problems?
We can't promise you it will be quick and easy, getting better often means digging into hard emotional �stuff� that we would rather avoid. You may feel vulnerable, start crying, or worry about tackling hard thoughts and feelings. It can hurt a lot. Recovery is like physical therapy. You can start small at first. It might not be comfortable and will push you to stretch and reach for more. It takes time. You'll definitely hit some tough spots but if you stick with it, things will get better.