Erica S. Ranade SSP, NCSP, BCBA, LBA, LPA

A Little About Me …
I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Licensed Behavior Analyst/Licensed Psychological Associate. I have been working in the behavioral health field for the past twelve years. After earning my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2009, I went on to receive my MS in Psychology followed by my SSP in School Psychology at Illinois State University. I have worked as a diagnostician, administrator, and behavior analyst in schools, developmental centers, private practices across the Midwest and East Coast.  I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of developmental needs and utilize evidence based practices to help clients and their caregivers obtain optimal outcomes.  

When you come to your appointment with me, you might experience evaluation and treatment with jointly defined goals, applicable resources, and strength-based recommendations.  It is my hope to provide evaluation and treatment with my clients that is highly engaging, educational, and enjoyable for both clients and families.  
My training and specialty work includes evaluation of children with developmental needs, including those impacted by autism spectrum disorder.  My training placed an emphasis on child development, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), caregiver training, and academic intervention.  I conduct evaluations in both English and Spanish and have my bilingual endorsement as a school psychologist.  I am dedicated to providing meaningful and ethical treatment for children and families with an emphasis on cultural awareness and humility. 
I’m most comfortable working with early childhood and elementary clients with social, developmental, and academic needs.  Most of my experiences have been with clients ages 2 – 22 with autism spectrum disorder.  I also enjoy providing targeted training and education to caregivers to provide them with the tools necessary to improve outcomes for those in their care.  
In my free time you might find me playing guitar, going to concerts, or singing with my daughter and husband.  I also enjoy plant-based cooking, musicals, and yoga.