Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I work primarily with adolescents and adults. I believe people, at different points in their lives, may need support overcoming hurdles or may just be feeling “stuck.” I enjoy working with clients who have concerns in many areas, including depression, relationships, identity, adjustment, anxiety and worry, stress and life management, or family concerns. I value my work as a psychologist and approach each client with respect for their own unique identity and the concerns they seek therapy for.

I am a trained generalist, which means I feel comfortable working with any type of client with any issue. However, one area where I really enjoy working is within the LGBTQI community where I enjoy being active in working with and supporting this community.

In my practice I foster an attitude of openness so that clients can share whatever they are feeling, free of shame, guilt, or judgment. Because I believe most people are overly critical or judgmental of their own struggles, I encourage clients to become more compassionate and caring toward their own selves and their problems. ​