Joe Lynch

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Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Providing Treatment In: Kentucky

Treatment Offered: In Person & Telehealth

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A little about me

I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to overcome challenges and realize meaningful change. And I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to bring about that positive change. Everyone feels stuck sometimes and needs a little encouragement and support. It is my job to provide a nurturing environment that will empower each individual client through the process of self discovery and genuine expression.

I graduated from Lindsey Wilson College in 2018 with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have been working in the mental health field since 2015 and bring a wide array of interventions from residential, community-based, and outpatient settings. Much of my experience has been working with youth and families as they heal from complex trauma, grief and loss, and life transitions. I am a Louisville native and like to give back to my community.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I have enjoyed mentoring youth through scouts and other volunteer opportunities.

When you come to your appointment with me, you might experience

I’m a pretty casual, laid back guy. You can expect our first session to include a lot of discussion and rapport building as we get to know each other. For you that may mean just talking about your life or expectations for therapy. For your child that may mean playing games or coloring until they are comfortable. I know it can be intimidating to reach out for help to a stranger. A genuine relationship is the foundation of a transformative experience so I strive to create an inviting atmosphere where you will be comfortable to share openly. I regularly use humor and fun as a catalyst for growth and self acceptance as we explore emotions, reactions, and relationships. And there’s always room to let it all out and cry. The next few weeks we will work collaboratively to develop and implement a treatment plan to address your personal or family goals leading towards autonomy. I will incorporate practical tools in each session for you to use in therapy and outside of the office.

My training and specialty work includes

I primarily identify as a trauma therapist and believe that most presenting problems stem from some form of trauma big or small. Much of my work has revolved around advocacy for families experiencing children engaging in high risk, maladaptive behaviors. I take a prescriptive approach to address each individual client’s needs and will collaborate with you to tailor a therapeutic experience to achieve your goals. I am trained in EMDR, Trauma Focused-CBT, Alternatives for Families-CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and more. I like to incorporate mindfulness exercises, expressive arts activities, and play therapy or narrative therapy techniques to encourage emotional processing, skills development, and to build on the client’s strengths. In addition to these evidence-based interventions, I draw on my own life experiences and interests to help make each client feel at ease, validated, and empowered.

I’m most comfortable working with

I am comfortable working with any client/issue with acceptance and non judgment. I am open to working with children, adolescents, teens, and their families as well as individual adults. I am here to listen and help no matter what stage of life. Satisfaction for me comes from building a trusting relationship and watching clients grow and thrive as they develop strengths and experience success. My approach is inclusive of individuals of all cultures and diversity. I do not shy away from difficult conversations or sensitive topics and will work to empower you to express your true self. I am experienced with a wide array of diagnoses and presenting problems including self harm, sexual issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief, and crisis of identity.

In my free time you might find me

I require a regular dose of “vitamin N”. I like to connect with Nature while tending to my garden or beekeeping in my backyard or just being outdoors in general. Otherwise I’ll be on the couch playing bluegrass music or watching a movie. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and family and friends and taking the occasional adventure to somewhere new.

If you feel like we may be a good therapeutic match, I encourage you to make an appointment. I look forward to beginning this journey with you.