Liz Cook

Open Telehealth Meeting

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Providing Treatment In: Kentucky

Treatment Offered: In Person & Telehealth

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A little about me…

I love what I do. My work as a therapist has included working in a county jail, my own private practice, and in community mental health. I have worked with individuals, families, couples, and groups coming to treatment for a wide range of reasons. I believe everyone has inside of them what they need to have the life of their dreams. I believe passionately we are all created equal, and we all deserve the same access to life’s many blessings.

Witnessing a client experience an aha moment is absolutely thrilling. I have experienced it personally in therapy and it’s my goal in treatment with others.

When you come to your appointment with me, you might experience…

A warm, energetic, interested therapist who wants to help you achieve what you desire. Therapy is about you—not what your therapist thinks or believes. You will find I believe in my clients’ ability to change, and I will encourage you to do so. My role is to help you remove the obstacles to the life you desire.

My training and specialty work includes…

Helping clients with addictions and compulsions, low self-esteem, self-confidence, and/or self-worth, clinical depression and anxiety, uncertainty about a relationship or career path, life transitions, and relationships in conflict.

I’m most comfortable working with…

Clients who are open to change. Big changes require trust, openness, courage, and bold action.

In my free time you might find me…

Spending time with my family, including my dogs, Ruthie and Sully. I love an opportunity to demonstrate or march in support of a cause I believe in. I love the chance to see fireworks, a great museum exhibit, a concert, and polar bears at the zoo.