Skylar Lowe

Open Telehealth Meeting

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Providing Treatment In: Kentucky

A little about me

Hi there! I’m Skylar. I’m a trans-nonbinary Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who uses they/them pronouns. I’ll do my best to only make nerdy, in-session references to things like Umbrella Academy and Monty Python if that’s something that you’re on board with. I’ve been independently licensed since September 2021, after spending a little over two years under the supervision of another professional counselor. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May of 2019. At WKU, I spent a year as a supervised counseling-intern in a generalized outpatient setting similar to Meridian. I have experience working with substance use disorders at various levels of care in both group and individual sessions.

When you come to your appointment with me, you might experience

warmth and compassion. Deciding to come to therapy is a big step. In my sessions, the size of the steps you take after that is totally up to you. I don’t want my clients to feel pressured to talk about anything they’re not yet ready to explore. At the same time I want you to feel empowered to face what you are ready to work on head on. Though I may be the one with the license, I fully believe the only person who is an expert on your life is you. I’m merely here to help you find your way.

My training and specialty work includes

By training, I am a generalist. A significant amount of my post-graduate work has been with addiction recovery. I have also spent time working with teens and adults on things like anxiety, depression, stress, and adjustment to major life transitions. I am client centered first and foremost. I also draw quite a bit from the mindfulness strategies and pull from tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, though do not strictly adhere to the CBT model. Additionally, I have taken a couple workshops on incorporating art and music into therapy and hope to get more training on this in the future.

I am most comfortable working with

Clients ages 16 and older. I have a passion for working with those going through life transitions. Some examples of transitions I’ve worked with include: from addiction to recovery, from high school to college, from college to career, from one career to another, from living alone to moving in with a partner, and from living with others to living alone.

In my free time you might find me

Listening to music, writing fiction and creative nonfiction, planning and/or doodling in my bullet journal, or listening to a podcast. If it’s summer and I’m not working there’s a good chance I’m at the lake. I wish I could include reading on this list, because it’s something I’ve often enjoyed, but it’s currently a work in progress.