Sean Blackburn, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sean Blackburn LCSW

As a generalist, I provide an eclectic style of therapy to both young adults and older adults who may be having  difficulties at different stages of their life. My 20 years experience includes helping people navigate through their issues related to feelings of depression, anxiety, past trauma, and interpersonal  difficulties. I have experience helping individuals and families with issues concerning grief and different life transitions within the family unit. Anyone from the LGBTQ community is welcome in my office.

My experience includes working as an outpatient therapist, and an inpatient therapist providing both mental health care and  medical related social services. I enjoy helping persons and families cope where there may be a new medical or mental health diagnosis, and helping individuals and families with end of life decision-making, grief, and caregiver stress. Together we can work on goals you set to cope with the stress life sends your way.